My Insight on the Corona Virus Situation

I realized this is something meant to happen. It already must have been preordained for planet earth. We were not aware of it, as it is not written in any scriptures or other sacred books. Though there were some indications, none paid any attention to the signs present.

There is a lesson to be learned and need for us to contemplate on how our pre-corona existence was not normal in the way we were leading our lives and the purpose of our existence. Our first priority is to take responsibility of nature and ensure all the species may coexist in this creation of oneness. We are being given the opportunity to live with our “True Self†as opposed to ego driven life that is full of greed, inequity, disconnection, hoarding, hate and prejudice. Remember this is Divine’s way of waking up humanity to their responsibilities and teaching us a lesson to “shape up or ship outâ€.

It’s time to bring more spiritual practices to the forefront to handle the current conditions or situations we face. Until we experience the oneness of existence we will keep facing these calamities.

Self-Realize our essence that is within all of us and let that lead our existence in this laundry called life. Remember, realizing our true nature and living consciously go hand in hand.

Don’t forget to meditate daily as in meditation we take a huge leap in evolution. Internalize more and more till we reach our goal.

Evolution demands change and change brings progress in humanity!


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