A woman is helping children with their books.

The majority of the charitable work I do is through the organizations that were established by my teacher, Amma Karunamayi. One hundred percent of my proceeds from my book, Home at Last, will be donated to Karunamayi’s charity.

Aside from my participation in Amma’s charitable work, I also look for opportunities where I can make a difference. This includes helping various orphanages, old age homes, soup kitchens, and the Red Cross. I do what I can to address the essential needs of those in particular places where people are struggling most. I travel to areas in Africa and India, as they both have a higher concentration of impoverished people that can use my help.

I firmly believe that how we live our lives every day is the most important aspect of achieving enlightenment and a higher state of being. Doing good works, meditating, and living in and for the moment are key aspects of a fulfilling life.

If you have questions about my journey to higher consciousness, or how to start your own journey, submit a question to me and I will gladly answer it. I am also available to speak to your group.