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A colorful and artistic ampersand logo.Just how far can you really go with meditation?

In most ways Sarada Chiruvolu is no different from the billions of people who share the earth today. She was 14 years-old when she left India and made the United States her permanent residence. Although she has spent many years in the US, Eastern cultural roots have remained well established and at the forefront of her life.

After completing school, Chiruvolu worked many years with various pharmaceutical companies and other medical industries. She married, raised a family and led a normal life.

Up until this point, Chiruvolu never considered herself a spiritual person.

It wasn’t until nine years ago that her interest in Reiki healing led her to meditation, and what would later become the most profound spiritual transformation of her life.

In an exclusive interview, Sarada Chiruvolu discusses her book, Home at Last, which tells the extraordinary journey of her evolution as she moved through the ascension process to become a Self-Realized soul by using meditation:

BJB: Reaching a higher level and dimension of consciousness took 10 years. What does it mean to be a Realized Soul? What does it mean when realization takes place?

SC: It means to lift our self to a higher state of consciousness. We live in limited consciousness where we’re able to function well with small day-to-day stuff and keep going in this materialistic life. Bringing our self to a different level (of consciousness) entails a lot of practice and to be in the right place for an evolutionary journey.

We’re all evolving at a certain pace. When it’s time for an individual to get to that, they can experience that expansion of consciousness, the unification of everything that is and that Oneness of existence. When I say one can experience this through meditation, or any kind of spiritual practice, one gets there because meditation is the most direct way to that point.

There is a divinity within all of us, and we’re tapping into that divinity. We’re all one and that Oneness. To tap into that takes a while for each one of us. That is what I mean by self-realization; you get to experience that Oneness and then you’re finally Home.

This is why the book is entitled, Home at Last.

BJB: How do you know when you’ve gone as far as you can go with your spiritual practice on your own? What begins to happen and what do you notice when you’re ready to learn from a highly evolved soul, Guru and have a deeper experience?

SC: There will be signs that will express itself within your system. The body is an instrument and we feel everything through the body, such as how you’re advancing in each step of the way. It’s the quietude of a different state when you’re raising yourself to a different level of consciousness, that dimension itself will give you signs and indications that you are moving forward.

For example, when people talk about awakening, what does that mean exactly?

Awakening is an indication that you’re ready to raise yourself to a higher state of consciousness. That inner energy is preparing you to move forward.

In my case, I wasn’t practicing anything spiritual prior to this whole thing happening. I was simply leading my life, working, with a husband family and normal life but, I was taken toward that direction. When it’s your time, and when an individual gets ready, it takes a turn. You will know what to do.

BJB: On page 42 you write about being drawn to Sri Amma Karunamayi but then was later told by her that she had called to you. How do spiritual teachers become aware of potential students and begin to send messages to attract them?

SC: These beings like Sri Amma Karunamayi, highly evolved spiritual beings, come for a purpose to raise human consciousness. They know who is ready, who is not and which being is developing the ability to transcend. They come to help you. You resonate with them, they become your teacher or Guru. That’s what happened to me. I met her on the latter part of my journey, which by then I was meditating for many hours a day and moving along in the process of ascension. I became curious and wanted to meet somebody like Amma…

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