Making Do…

A vase of flowers on the counter in front of two paintings.When this life is not permanent, why accumulate? Just “Make Doâ€.

If the above statement sounds somewhat mystifying, I would like to make it clear in this blog….

We live in a material world and yet our highest calling is to a state of nonduality, or oneness that both transcends the material and incorporates it.

Letting go of wants and desires

When one transcends to higher consciousness and experiences the divinity within (Self-Realize), living the rest of the life becomes automatically “a make do†type of arrangement.

When all accustomed wants and desires are gone or minimized, we no longer hoard and accumulate. There is a radical shift that takes place regarding the way we view life.
I am not saying this is good or bad, but it is just the way it is….

In a way it is a strange feeling not to want or look forward to anything. All the thrill or excitement dissipates and any planning or indulging in anything related to the future no longer has any relevance. For example, when one speaks about shopping to get new items for the house or for our own self, my response would be, “I have enough and I can make do with what I have. There’s no need for new purchases.†This type of response can be irritating for many.

The freedom of “making do”

However, there is an authentic sense of freedom we gain after we experience enlightenment, as there is no longer anything to get from the world…

Transition from ordinary consciousness to permanently altered perception of reality entails any number of challenging adjustments to a difficult way of living over an extended time. Inward change and outward interaction must go side by side, and that can take years to accomplish. Putting into practice the resulting insights and change of consciousness on the level of mundane reality can be difficult for some time after the experience of Enlightenment.

Live well in the world

However, reaching higher states of consciousness does not mean that we need to give up everything, or deny all the pleasures, thrills, and delights that life offers. On the contrary, it is about how well we live in the world without being attached and consumed by the world, accepting life as it is.
just “Beâ€â€¦ and make Do…

Read more on this subject in my book “Home at Last†published by White Cloud Press.